January’s over so I thought I’d update on the diet progress. The main thing to say is I’ve stuck at it pretty well – and continue to do so now we’re in the February.

Dry January however is definitely over though – I met up with friends and former colleagues in Liverpool last night and had a few; but didn’t go mad. During the week I’m mainly sticking to having an alcohol free beer with my tea, though did have a beer after a particularly busy day at work.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m not doing the exercises from Lean at 15 and doing something else. That something else is a combination of planks and gradually working towards press-ups; turns out when I tried I just don’t have the core strength to go straight into press-ups. I’m also using “Fitness Boxing” on my Switch most days, spending 20 minutes on it when I do.

Fitness Boxing

The game is very much in the style of the Wii fitness titles that Nintendo used to put out, but it is a third-party doing it. Basically it’s a rhythm game. It’s good, though there are some times when moves can get frustrating; however more practice yields better results. In a 20 minute session it reports calory expenditure between 200 and 300 (it uses weigth and height as part of calculations).

More recently I’ve cleared space in my spare room so I can use the Cross Trainer that’s been sitting in there for a while after I moved it from my living room to make space for a desk. It’s facing my old telly I put in there too, so I can spend 20-25 minutes on that while watching, so I can catch up on my viewing while I exercise.

So far I’ve lost about 3 to 4 KG (weight seems to fluctuate from 90.5 to 91.5), from the 95KG I was at. Still some way to go, but it’s noticeable. Next goal is to just keep at it, not succumb to laziness and take-outs and ensure I keep planning my meals so I’m not tempted to take an easy option. Even if I am, something like the below chorizo, chopped tomatoes (tin) and eggs comes together in about 10 minutes so there’s no real excuse to spend the money and calories on a pizza that takes 40 minutes to be delivered!:)