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Toyota Auris/Yaris indicator fix

A little while ago the indicators on my Toyota Auris started to experience issues. At first I had to hold the indicator in a fairly specific spot in order to indicate to turn right. Then the same happened for turning left, before finally it wouldn’t work in either direction.

I searched the forums and found this was a common problem, with people paying around £250 for a replacement unit for the indicator/lights/wiper stalks. Some videos gave broad guidance on resolving but they tended to skim over details, so I had to find seperate posts and videos to help. Plus pausing and rewinding a YouTube video (and the phone locking part way through as you actually perform the steps) is a pain, so I thought I’d have a go at my own instructions.

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Diet progress – 1 month on

January’s over so I thought I’d update on the diet progress. The main thing to say is I’ve stuck at it pretty well – and continue to do so now we’re in the February.

Dry January however is definitely over though – I met up with friends and former colleagues in Liverpool last night and had a few; but didn’t go mad. During the week I’m mainly sticking to having an alcohol free beer with my tea, though did have a beer after a particularly busy day at work.

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