New Year, New Connection

I started the migration of my Broadband from Zen to Plusnet a couple of weeks ago – to make sure it was sorted before my employment officially terminates, so I don’t have to pay for the Zen connection.  Well, today the Plusnet connection went “live” – albeit a day early and with a minor hiccup.

I’ve been impressed with the communication from Plusnet – nice and clear emails and text messages with progress updates and clear instructions with the router they provide which arrived earlier this week.

This morning (barely morning really – my body clock is a bit skewed after New Year’s celebrations so I didn’t sleep well and then woke up late) I opened my laptop and there was no connection.  I checked my router and it was an authentication failure.  I tried the bt_test_user@startup_domain username and received a BT IP for DNS – so clearly I’d moved from Zen’s LLU equipment to BT Wholesale’s equipment.  Next up I tried and that had the same result, so BT were all setup for me to connect, but trying the Plusnet details for my own account failed.

The router from Plusnet is a TG582n, with TR.069 used to automatically configure it.  I swapped my old TG582n for the Plusnet one and saw it established a connection to Plusnet, which it would be using to pull down my connection details – sure enough after about 5 minutes it was populated with my new details but wouldn’t connect.  The same thing would happen at Zen if a connection was activated early – everything is set up up apart from the username and password on the ISP’s systems.  A couple of minutes on live-chat via their website on my iPhone and they added the details and I connected without a problem.

Early impressions continue to be good – a nice and fast response to an initial problem and the connection is working fine and at the same speeds (sync’d about 100 kbps higher than Zen, but it’s daytime so I expect it to drop a bit in the evening).

Plusnet connection summary
Plusnet connection summary

I watched the Bojack Horseman Christmas Special on Netflix to test it out, and no problems there – so altogether I’m happy so far.  I’m paying £2.50 per month for an unlimited Broadband service plus £12.99 (paid annually up-front which saved me a few quid) for the phone line which is due to migration on the 16th.  Total of £15.49 a month.  Not too shabby as the equivalent (500GB limit, rather than unlimited) from Zen would have been £48.04 a month, though I could probably have shaved a tenner off that by going for the 200GB service as it’s more than enough for me.