This is my second image for assignment 2 “Elements of design” to illustrate curves.

Curves – Herbs and Spices

(ISO200, 1/50sec exposure, f/20 aperture)

Shot on manual with flash fired.  Narrow aperture for greatest depth-of-field.

I had shot the original with a white backdrop but the glass reflected the white far too much, so I put my black backdrop into the light tent to get a completely black background.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I expected the reflection to remain – albeit reduced – because I was bouncing flash from above.  That doesn’t make sense when I think about it as the angle I’m holding the camera at will dictate what is reflected – so with black behind the glass and the camera pointing toward that the reflection was bound to be black.  Obvious now, but I thought otherwise until I pressed the shutter release on the camera and saw the result!

I also cleaned some of the oregano which had ‘escaped’ the area I wanted it in.  I achieved a similar result to the image above, with the rejected shot, by altering black levels in Lightroom but, after feedback from my tutor, I was keen to ensure the pictures for this assignment were all ‘straight out of camera’ save for cropping on occassion.  I’ve done nothing to this and I’m happy with the results.

The contrast of the colours with the black background and with each other add interest.  I think straight diagonal lines here would have made a ‘sharper’ image, but the use of curves make it an altogether softer image.

I’ve included the ‘rejected’ shot below for reference.

Rejected – White reflections