Diet progress – 1 month on

January’s over so I thought I’d update on the diet progress. The main thing to say is I’ve stuck at it pretty well – and continue to do so now we’re in the February.

Dry January however is definitely over though – I met up with friends and former colleagues in Liverpool last night and had a few; but didn’t go mad. During the week I’m mainly sticking to having an alcohol free beer with my tea, though did have a beer after a particularly busy day at work.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m not doing the exercises from Lean at 15 and doing something else. That something else is a combination of planks and gradually working towards press-ups; turns out when I tried I just don’t have the core strength to go straight into press-ups. I’m also using “Fitness Boxing” on my Switch most days, spending 20 minutes on it when I do.

Fitness Boxing

The game is very much in the style of the Wii fitness titles that Nintendo used to put out, but it is a third-party doing it. Basically it’s a rhythm game. It’s good, though there are some times when moves can get frustrating; however more practice yields better results. In a 20 minute session it reports calory expenditure between 200 and 300 (it uses weigth and height as part of calculations).

More recently I’ve cleared space in my spare room so I can use the Cross Trainer that’s been sitting in there for a while after I moved it from my living room to make space for a desk. It’s facing my old telly I put in there too, so I can spend 20-25 minutes on that while watching, so I can catch up on my viewing while I exercise.

So far I’ve lost about 3 to 4 KG (weight seems to fluctuate from 90.5 to 91.5), from the 95KG I was at. Still some way to go, but it’s noticeable. Next goal is to just keep at it, not succumb to laziness and take-outs and ensure I keep planning my meals so I’m not tempted to take an easy option. Even if I am, something like the below chorizo, chopped tomatoes (tin) and eggs comes together in about 10 minutes so there’s no real excuse to spend the money and calories on a pizza that takes 40 minutes to be delivered!:)

75g chopped chorizo, tin of chopped tomatoes, spring onions and a couple of eggs thrown in at the end.

An attempt at writing – and losing weight…

I’ve not written anything for the sake of writing in a long time, so this is an attempt to start doing that. This won’t be a long post, just a bit on my current efforts to get a bit healthier.

I’m currently 95kg; well over what I want to be, and it’s all beer-gut. I’m aiming to lose around 10kg, ideally before I go to Australia in March (and put it all back on!). I’d already decided to “do dry January” as December had been a pretty heavy drinking month and beer definitely accounts for too much of my calorie intake, but for Christmas I handily got a new book “Lean in 15” by Joe Wicks. I’m a fussy eater, but I’ve gone through and marked all the recipes I’m interested in trying out and there’s plenty in there. It’s got exercise suggestions too, but I’ve got another plan around that which I’ll cover in another post.

I spent about an hour preparing a few meals for the week, so far the recipes I’ve tried or have read to try out are:

  • a simple meatball recipe – which really was as promised; 15 minutes for a tasty meal (well, 2 meals – I froze one)
  • Peri Peri fried rice with garlic prawns – albeit I couldn’t find peri-peri spice in Tesco so I Google’d and improvised something along the right lines with paprika, oregano, salt, chilli seeds and cayenne pepper.
  • A steak burrito – though I found this a bit flavourless; going to add something more to it when I try again
  • homemade burgers with sweet potato fries – I’ve prepared and frozen two burgers, I’ll actually try this on Thursday

and the highlight for me; the Build up Bagel. This is sliced roast beef, poached egg, baby spinach and sliced roast turkey on a toasted bagel, with chipotle used as a spread on the bagel. I’ve had this for lunch several days in the past week and it’s really good. I don’t eat greens typically, so the spinach is a “new adventure” for me, but it’s not a problem. No wretching or anything. Here it is (it tastes better than it looks):

Om nom nom, bagel

There you go, a short post, but a post all the same.