The final exercise for the ‘lines’ project is about curves.  As with diagonals, these create a sense of movement and direction and can be used in a similar manner to diagonals to direct the eye within an image.

The exercise states curves also have associations of smoothness, grace and elegance so add these feelings to an image.  It asks me to take four photographs using curves too emphasise movement and direction.

Lines and Lines
(ISO400, 1/200sec exposure, f/5.6 aperture – shot in aperture priority mode as part of yesterday’s photo trip)

The lines following each other help convey movement within this image, leading the eye across the image.

(ISO400, 1/125sec exposure, f/5.6 aperture – shot on the same trip as the above)

In this case there are a few sets of curves – created by the path and it’s border with the grass.  They all lead the eyes toward the benches and bin – creating a natural focal point for the viewer on the top right third intersect.

(ISO400, 1/100sec exposure, f/5.6 aperture – shot on the same trip as the above images)

In this image the curves are created by the towpath and the straight lines of the buildings leading in to one-another to create a curve.  The movement here is toward and then out of the left edge of the frame.

(ISO800, 1/50sec exposure, f/8.0 aperture – shot on manual with high ISO due to low light)

 As with benches a couple of curves here converge on the house to create movement toward it and a focal point for the image.