Alkoholfrei and diet donners

It’s coming to the end of the first weekend of my Dry-A-PhLong month for Cancer Research UK.  So far I’ve had £40 of donations to my JustGiving page – so a good start; thanks to everybody who has donated so far. I’ve also sampled a couple of alcohol-free beers and tried my hand at the Hairy Dieter’s Donner Kebabs.

The Drink

On Friday I had a couple of firsts.  Coke Life (the green-canned lower-sugar Coca Cola) made from liquidised elf, to make it more Elfy. It’s alright actually – nicer than diet-Coke and Coke Zero, though more calories.  I’d have it again.

Erdinger's Alkoholfrei
Erdinger’s Alkoholfrei

The second first (hmm) on Friday, was Erdinger’s “Alkoholfrei” beer.  It was really pleasant – fairly wheaty like Erdinger’s Weisbeers and it had a good beery-taste to it.  I only had the one (rest of the night was cordial and water) but I’ve got three more in the fridge as Tesco had a four-for-£6 “deal” and I figured I was likely to like it as I’d heard good things about it before.

This evening I tried Bavaria’s Alcohol-free “Premium Wit” which turns out to be more to my tastes than Luxury Comedy.

Bavaria Premium Wit
Bavaria Premium Wit

It’s another wheat beer, but much later than the Erdinger; I think it’s much closer to Hoegaarden than the Erdinger.  It’d be a great alcohol-free choice for summer I think; I found it really refreshing.

The Food

I got The Hairy Dieter’s second cookbook from Santa for Christmas and I’ve got about half-way through putting page markers in on recipes I want to try.  I’ve already tried the five-minute pizzas (tortillas, passatta, cheese, pepperoni, season and grill) which was brilliant, and for New Years I made the jerk chicken which was also great.  This evening I tried the Diet Donner Kebabs.  They were delicious, however I’m not sure I’ll make them again – my food processor found it very difficult and much as I love the nostalgia of the smell of Scalextric, I’m less enamoured at it coming from my food mixer; clearly it was struggling with the meat.  I’ve put a couple of them in the freezer for the future though – so at least I will get to have them again; they went really well with some chilli sauce and the Bavaria Premium Wit, actually.

The Mithering

If you haven’t already, please support my fundraising efforts and donate a quid-or-two on my JustGiving page.  Thanks!