TAOP: Part 3 ? Colour: Exercise ? Primary and secondary colours ? Orange

This is my fifth post for the colour library exercise on primary and secondary colours – and is the second of the secondaries.  A bit more background is in the first post – Primary and secondary colours – Red.


This is the second of the man-made subjects for this exercise.  In front of my house is a duck pond and I spotted the orange life rings on either side.  Given autumns long-gone, I figured a man-made subject was likely to be the best option I’d see for this for a while.

Closest Match

Because of the light the my camera’s light meter was a bit troubled getting this shot, so the part-stop down for ‘over-exposed’ I think is actually the best exposed shot – at f/6.3, 1/250s and ISO100.  As with the shots for ‘green’ the shadows and highlights mean there isn’t a uniform orange across this image, but I think the ‘middle’ orange is a close match for the colour wheel.

The Alternatives

These are both under-exposed versions at f/9 and f/11.  Far too dark to match the colour wheel.  I do like the colour in the first image though – it’s a very “weighty” orange.

The final post for this exercise will be violet – and is of an unlikely flower I found, given the season!  That’ll go up tomorrow most likely.

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