Black and White highlights

I’ve not updated this in a little while – but the 365 is still going strong as I near the end of the first month.

Last week I had a week of only shooting 365 shots in black-and-white.  It creates a different challenge, to not have colour as an aspect of the image.  I’ve been pleased with the atmosphere of some of the results.  My favourite two shots of the week are below.

First off, ‘Tunnel’ – taken last Sunday in the tunnel under the bridge which crosses the Rochdale Canal near my apartment.  I’ve got some ‘normal’ versions in both black-and-white and colour, but I liked this best – using the lines of the hand rail and light strip coming in from the top and bottom of each side and drawing the eye in to the image.  There’s some nice tones and textures within this which give it a gritty atmosphere.


Next up is the equally-imaginatively titled ‘Street’.  This was again shot just near my apartment (hoorah for the industrial grime of Manchester).  I had spotted the reflection of light in drops of rain on the cobbles the previous night, on my way to the local Jazz club (Matt & Phreds), and figured I’d hope for rain (rarely a forlorn hope in Manchester, of course) the next night so I could capture it.  I set my camera up on my tripod, rather nervously given the dark and nearby Ancoats, and put it on self timer.  I then walked away from the camera.  I have a colour version of this shot – and it looks messy.  Black-and-white makes this image as it’s all about the moods and light, colour just isn’t important.  This shot has become an instant favourite for me.


With a black-and-white week done, it’s back to “anything goes” again this week.

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