TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of design: Horizontal and Vertical Lines – Spaghetti

The sixth shot for assignment 2 “elements of design”.  This shot is my sixth shot for the assignment and is a combination of horizontal and vertical lines.


(ISO200, 1/50sec exposure, f/8 aperture)

Shot on manual.  Flash bounced off the wall.

I’d originally considered doing a shot of sausages on a grill pan or Belgian Waffles, capturing the horizontal/vertical lattice of the waffle.  In the former, the sausages contrasted too strongly with the grill pan.  For the latter, I didn’t feel there was much contrast to make an interesting shot.  So I went with spaghetti, arranged on my kitchen work top in and horizontal and vertical arrangement.

There’s an element of rhythm within this shot too – with the eye ‘leaping’ to the darker points where there’s a break in the vertically-arranged spaghetti.  This makes the image look a little more dynamic than it might have been if there were no gaps between the spaghetti.

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