TAOP: Project and exercise – Rhythm and pattern

The final project of part two of my course is on ‘rhythm and pattern’.  These are formed through repetition within an image, with rhythm being how the eye moves across a picture and pattern being essentially static and associated with area.

The final exercise asks for two pictures – one representing rhythm and the other pattern.


(ISO1600, 1/6sec exposure, f/4 aperture – shot on manual with flash due to low light and distance.  The flash and image stabilisation helped ensure the image remained reasonably sharp)

The ‘rhythm’ here comes from the eye following the triangular roofs across the image.  It’s reinforced by the beams below the roof.


(ISO800, 1/13 sec exposure, f/4 aperture – shot on aperture priority with high ISO because when I used the flash too much light bounced back off the cards) 

Here the pattern comes rom the use of regular shapes and arrangement – both in placing the cards and within the artwork on the cards themselves.  As with one of the examples in the project I made the picture more interesting by using a variety of course – (repeating only one of them).

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