TAOP: Multiple points

The final exercise for the ‘points’ project is about multiple points.  Once more this complicates composition more, as the relationships between multiple points are not so predictable.

The exercise explains that a basic skill for still-life photography is to group objects in a linked and attractive manner, with a relationship which is active rather than obvious and static – and it summarises this as a problem of placing several points and asks that I place an object at a time, recording each placement until I reach a desired result.

I chose scrabble pieces as the object here and part way through made a decision that may have harmed the outcome – though I think I still more-or-less get away with it.  I was choosing random letters and, having placed a few already, then decided to select specific letters in order to spell words.  That makes it far harder to arrange the points in a manner that is not ‘predictable’ or ‘obvious’ – as the words imply the manner in which the image should be viewed.  On reflection, I should have stuck with random letters – or chosen different objects to serve as my points altogether.

The Setup
(ISO100, 1/200sec exposure, f/8.0 aperture – shot on manual with flash.  Set up for low noise and good depth-of-field).

Placing Letters

I placed letters one-at-a-time, attempting to avoid any real obvious shape:

The Mistake

And this is when I decided to change the letters to spell a word; though preserving the arrangement as shown on the last image above.

And The Result

I wasn’t happy with the above composition, and I think it’s because I had used words that I felt I had to change it to make the reading more comfortable.  So here is the final result.

I’m happy with the image itself, but as mentioned earlier, perhaps it’s not the best option to have chosen for this exercise.  Overall I find there’s a sort of circle in there if you follow the letters as words.  As with the previous exercises, I’ve illustrated this on a black-and-white version:

So that’s the ‘points’ project complete.  Next up is ‘lines’.  I read ahead a bit, so already have some shots ready for that…

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