TAOP: Part 3 – Colour: Exercise – Primary and secondary colours – Yellow

This is my third post for the colour library exercise on primary and secondary colours.  A bit more background is in the first post – Primary and secondary colours – Red.


This was entirely accidental.  I poured myself a glass of orange cordial and it struck me that it looked more yellow than orange, so I decided to use it for this exercise.

 Closest Match

Having thought the orange looked more like a yellow, it did take over-exposing the image to really bring out the yellow to get a good match for the yellow in the colour circle.  This was shot on ISO400, 1/250s and f/2.8 and I think is a very pure yellow.

The Alternatives

They’re still both yellow I believe, but are darker, without tending toward being orange.  I took these before the above shot, and found I really had to open the aperture wide to get a good yellow.  I had also increased from ISO200 to ISO400 for the above shot.  So the first shot is the same aperture size as the above, but on ISO200.  The second, darker, shot is on f/4.

So, that’s the primaries (red, blue, yellow) done.  On Saturday I’ll post the first of the secondaries, starting with green.

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