TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of design: Single Point – Sausage and Beans

The fourth shot for assignment 2 – “elements of design”.  This one is to illustrate a single point dominating the composition.

Sausage and Beans

(ISO200, 1/100 sec exposure, f/8 aperture)

Shot on manual with flash fired.  Reasonably narrow aperture for sufficient depth-of-field – though not a big issue on a reasonably ‘flat’ shot in terms of angle.

Having included eggs and toast in previous pictures, I wanted to include some other ‘English breakfast’ ingrediants for my assignment.  I opted for a sausage in beans for the ‘single point’.  I positioned the sausage at an angle to make the image more interesting than having it alligned horizontally or vertically, and placed it within the frame following the rule of thirds.

I’m mostly happy with the image, though I’ve got a slight feeling that the sausage is perhaps too large to truly qualify as a ‘point’.  I may revisit this one in the future…

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