TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of Design: Rhythm – Toast Rack

Here is the third image for assignment 2 – “Elements of design”.  This time to illustrate rhythm.  I had some feedback on the exposure of some of my shots from other photographers, so I’ve posted an image I’ve adjusted the ‘Exposure’ on in Lightroom.  The original is included at the bottom for comparison.

Toast Rack

(ISO400, 1/50sec exposure, f/20 aperture)

Shot on manual with flash fired.  Narrow aperture to give the greatest depth-of-field.

The rhythm in this image is provided by the rise and fall between the different sized slices of toast.  I’ve cropped it tightly and squarely to emphasise this rhythm; I felt the square crop helped to enhance the feeling of height to the toast.

In addition to the rhythm element here, there is also a hint of horizontal and vertical lines – though the horizontal lines are not especially prominent.


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