TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of design: Two points – Eggs and Flour

The seventh shot for assignment 2 – “elements of design”.  This one is to illustrate ‘two points’.  And is probably one of my preferred shots – along with ‘Toast’.

Eggs and Flour

(ISO200, 1/60sec exposure, f/16 aperture)

Shot on manual, with very narrow aperture for greatest depth of field – particularly as I wanted both egg yolks to be in focus, along with the flour.

I think the dominant point here is the left yolk, which is nearer so appears larger in frame.  They’re both placed in a ‘rule of thirds’ configuration with a diagonal between them to create interest in the shot.

Unlike the majority of the shots I’ve taken I think this one looks less ‘staged’ and tells more of a narrative of the food being prepared.  I’m glad of that as I was a little concerned that – because all my shots are setup still-lifes – my overall assignment would lack an extra dimension.

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