TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of design: Pattern

I’ve completed the first image for assignment 2 “Elements of design”, to illustrate pattern.

Pattern – Eggs
(ISO100, 1/200sec exposure, f/5.6 aperture)

Shot in manual with flash, which was bounced to camera left to create a bit more depth to the image – I had originally tried bouncing off the top but the image looked too ‘flat’.

The pattern here comes from the arrangement and shape of the eggs along with the gaps between the eggs.

It took a little while to get right, as I had too much of the surrounding area in frame, so it looked as though the pattern simply ‘stopped’ when the eggs ran out.  So I got in tighter to give the impression that the pattern might continue beyond the image.  Another thing I noticed after I imported the images to my computer were marks on some of the eggs; they didn’t add to the image, just distracted from the overall pattern.  I replaced the offending eggs to get this shot.

The rejected shots are included below for reference.

Reject – too much surrounding area

Reject – mucky egg!

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