TAOP: Assignment 2 Elements of design: Multiple points – Nuts

This if the fifth image for assignment 2 – “elements of design”.  This one is to illustrate several points in a deliberate shape.


(ISO200, 1/200sec exposure, f/8 aperture)

Shot on manual with narrow aperture for greater dept-of-field.  Flash fired, bounced off the wall which was toward the top of the image – hence the shadows coming back toward the camera.

I arranged the nuts in an octagon on my floor initially, but then changed to a white tea-towel (sticking with the food/kitchen theme) as there was greater contrast than with my brown floor.  I added the central brazil nut in the original image as I wanted to introduce shapes within the main shape – as well as the octagon this addition means there are multiple triangles with their apex in the centre.  I’m mostly happy with this shot, though I am tempted to try a version with the same type of nut used for each of the points – there is a sense of the different sizes, shapes and lines (e.g. the right brazil nut almost ‘pointing’ into the centre) drawing attention from the overall shape and composition.

Rejected shot – Lack of contrast

There’s a lack of contrast between the brown of the nuts and the brown of the floor, which I felt made the image rather dull as the nuts didn’t form as distinct points as they possibly could.

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