TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of design: Implied Triangles – Lemon and Pancake

The eighth set of pictures – a ‘two-for’.  These both depict ‘implied triangles’.

In each case I’ve had feedback from other photographers that these images are under-exposed.  The ‘Lemon’ picture more-so than ‘Pancake’.  I’m not in a position to reshoot the images so I’ve adjusted ‘Exposure’ in Lightroom, having read up on interpreting Histograms (I’ll post about that later).  I always shoot in RAW, so I have more flexibility if I want to adjust shots in post-processing, which may have helped in this case.

I’ve included the adjusted images below, and then the ‘Originals’ at the bottom of this page.  Having made the adjustments I can see an instant improvement to the images.  Exposing an image correctly is such a fundamental part of photography that I’m disappointed to have got it so wrong with these two in particular.  Definitely something to be wary of in future!


(ISO100, 1/200sec, f/16 aperture)

Here the implied triangle comes from the points of the lemon segments.  I framed the shot so they ’tilted’ out of the frame as I felt this made for a more dynamic shot enhanced by the diagonal lines made from the straight cuts in the lemon segments.


(ISO200, 1/80sec exposure, f/11 aperture)

I took the initial shot with just the banana slices providing the edges of the implied triangle, but I didn’t like it – it seemed a bit flat, especially as there’s a lack of contrast between the colour of the banana slices.  So I added in the spoon with chocolate spread as one of the points for the triangle, and this made for a much more interesting shot.  It removed an element of the ‘staged’ from an image that didn’t have much going for it as it was.  I am finding that sometimes the ‘staged’ shots look good and right, but I do need to work harder on some of them to create an image that really works.  The whole point of this part of the course is to highlight the importance of design in photography – and through this assignment, more so than the exercises, I am finding more thought does improve the results significantly.




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