TAOP: Assignment 2 – Elements of design: Diagonals – Oil

This is the 9th post for assignment 2 – “elements of design”.  This image is to illustrate ‘diagonals’.


(ISO100, 3.2sec exposure, f/10 aperture)

Shot on manual without flash, narrow aperture to get appropriate depth-of-field.

The light was provided by daylight, with the blinds down to ensure the background and the top of the bottle didn’t end up washed out, while trying to capture the dark colours of the bottle itself.  Light really was a challenge here, and I’m wondering if there is something more I can do to  get more from the bottom of the bottle.  Taking into consideration my recent reading on Histograms, I think this is mostly okay – with fairly distributed graph apart from a peak toward the left of the graph for the dark at the bottom of the bottle and a smaller peak for the cream background.

I think controlling reflections ia nother consideration too – the camera is rather obvious to me when looking at an enlarged version – as are is an ornament.  The diagonals here are the result of using perspective with a wide-angle lens to turn the vertical lines of the bottle in to diagonals.

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