52 Weeks – 2012: Colours – Week 1

So, rather than a 365 (or 366) project for 2012, I’m doing a 52 week project; one photo a week for the year.  My first is titled ‘Colours’ – and was chosen for the ‘Project Flickr’ group theme of the same name this week.  I tend to join in the themes for the group every-now-and-then and it seemed fitting that the theme happened to match what I’m studying on my photography course.

In the spirit of the course, and to get more practice at it, I’m writing this post to describe my thinking behind what I did, and to critique my own shot.

I bought these crayons for another photo (and may well use them again for my next course exercise).  I wanted to do something with a colourful, but contrasting background – with a lot of different colours in.  I arranged them fairly deliberately – particularly ensuring the orange was clearly visible, given the background colour was blue (the complementary colour to orange).  Perhaps I could have put something brighter in the middle, as the brighter colours are around the edges, but overall the picture still looks reasonably balanced to me.

I took them at an angle to create a diagonal, out of focus, pointing towards the sharp detail captured at the ends of the crayons.  I would have liked a less textured background, as the fabric of the blue cloth is visible and sharp – whereas I’d rather it be a less clear background.  I think for my exercise shot I can achieve that by placing the object a distance away in the foreground, so the blue becomes a plain, out of focus, background.  I can’t really do the same here unless I found a way to bind the crayons together and suspend them on something – without what they’re suspended on being visible.  Maybe something to look in to, but I don’t want to ruin the crayons, as they may be handy for other shots in the future.

And because I haven’t shown it here already (except in my 365 review slideshow), this is ‘Crayola Kid’ – one of my 365 shots, inspired by The Wonder Stuff song ‘Cartoon Boyfriend’.

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