The Weekend

Well, it’s been a pretty busy weekend.  Friday night I was out at the Baum in Rochdale with friends, drowning sorrows and eating food, followed by more ‘food’ (read: Kebab).

Saturday I got up fairly late and decided to call ‘BARBEQUE’.  While setting up the sun was a bit on-and-off, but by the time people arrived it had decided to stick around for a bit – with spots of rain only coming as the garden entered the complete shade of the house – so it was in for Guitar Hero then:

Mr Sweet

Vocalist and Drummer

On Sunday I was up at stupid-o-clock (7.15) for a “photo-gig”; helping out a workmate who was covering a youth rugby tournament in Rochdale.  First experience of professional photography, and clearly I have more to learn, but it was interesting (and knackering!) none-the-less.  The photos were for Rugby Event PHotography and one of my pics is provided below.  I’ve not made the lot available on Flickr as they’re available to purchase by parents on the linked Website, so I don’t want to jeapodise sales.

Rochdale Youth Rugby Tournament - 2009

In other news, my sister’s been very ill lately with Orbital Cellulitis.  I’d post a picture of what that looks like, but I think you should be allowed to exercise discretion as to whether you see that (see here if you dare: Orbital Cellulitis – this isn’t my sister btw).  It’s a serious infection around the eye area which carries risks of blindness and worse.  Good news is Sis’ has been given the all clear today.  My mum was telling me about her eye tests – where every time a ‘C’ appears my sister was declaring “I can’t see the ‘C’.”.  Mischievous one is Jen’.   People who know me may now realise bad puns is a family trait. 🙂

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