Assignment 1: Contrasts – Transparent/Opaque

This is a post for my first pair for my ?contrasts? assignment – Transparent and Opaque.  Rather than opting for a literal interpretation of the theme I?ve worked on the basis of transparent meaning standing out in terms of intent and purpose – being overt, and opaque meaning being hidden, mysterious or covert.


Transparent - April 29th, 2011 (119/365)

Transparency here is illustrated through the man standing out from the crowd, calling for attention out in the open.

The bright colours mean the picture itself calls for attention, and it adds a further layer of contrast with the image for ?Opaque?.


Opaque - April 27th, 2011 (117/365)

Here the figure is mysterious and intentions unknown, engaged in some kind of covert and secret activity in some seedy, hidden, surroundings – location unknown.  The almost monochrome treatment completes the aire of mystery and the contrast with the image for ?Transparent?.

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