Object in different positions in the frame

Once more it’s been a while since my last post for my ‘Art of Photography’ – though not as long as between previous postings, but I’ve set some time aside to focus on progressing my course.  The latest exercise is titled “Object in different positions in the frame”.

As with the previous exercise, this relates to “the frame” and composition.  I’m required to take a series of photographs of a single subject on a large, even background.  As it is, I haven’t actually got multiple shots to work with, but due to the size of my chosen photo I’m able to crop and reposition the crop to get the required result.

The series asks that I take shots with the subject positioned in the frame as follows:

  • in the centre
  • off-centre
  • close to an edge or corner

Subject in the centre:

Bird in Frame

It’s a fairly plain looking shot.  While the bird does stand out I don’t find it particularly pleasing to look at.

Next up – subject off-centre:

I like this one the best of the four versions I’ve created.  I think the bird stands out more in this position, and I get the sense that the small piece of foliage to the left of the bird is almost pointing at it.

The third shot is the subject in the corner of the frame:

I like this the least.  I guess cropping does tend to allow you to make compositions I’d never intentionally make, so the effect may be exaggerated, but essentially it looks like the bird is an after-thought in a picture of endless sand.

Finally, the fourth version is with the bird at an edge of the frame:

This is better than with the bird in the corner – it looks like including the bird was actually intentional.  It isn’t a good shot though, the eye doesn’t feel “led’ to the subject, nor does it arrive naturally at it.  I think the “off centre” version achieves both.  Overall for the choice of image, I do like the fairly colourful sand’s contrast with the black-and-white bird.  I had actually uploaded the “centred” version to flickr, but on making these alternative versions  wish I’d worked a bit more on the image before uploading.  I guess I’ll go replace it!

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