Assignment 1: Contrasts – Part One; Matching pairs from the Archive

The first part of my first assignment is to match pairs from photographs I?ve taken in the past.  The aim is to practice recognition and selection in contrasting concepts.

First pair – Light/Dark


This image is all about the beam of sunlight, the reflections in the ice and snow and the particles within the beam of light.


This image portrays ?dark? in both the literal sense, with the black-painted bricks, and in the metaphorical sense of ?tragedy?.

Second pair – Many/Few


No explanation needed, very literal.

Again, literal.

Third pair – Pointed/Blunt


Both in terms of the beak, and the icey, cutting, stare.

It?s a spoon.  Say no more.

Fourth pair – Transparent/Opaque


I think this one?s pretty clear (pardon the pun).


No clearer illustration of ?opaque? than a brick wall.

Now comes the hard part of the assignment – shooting at least 8 pairs of new images illustrating contrasts.

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