TAOP: Part 3 ? Colour: Exercise ? Primary and secondary colours ? Violet

This is my final post for the colour library exercise on primary and secondary colours – and is the third of the secondaries.  A bit more background is in the first post – Primary and secondary colours – Red.


Surprisingly I found some flowers around the duck pond – and more surprisingly one of them was violet.  I really had expected to struggle to find something natural for this colour!  Unfortunately the shots themselves aren’t exactly master-pieces.  Poor focus and pretty poor composition.  I was concentrating on just getting the colour, and I didn’t want to kneel down to get a good shot as the ground was soooo cold!  Straight away I’d give myself a ‘could do better’ for this.

Closest Match

The closest match here was the over-exposed shot.  ISO1000, 1/40s exposure at f/2.8.  As you can see, it’s far from the best shot I’ve ever taken!

The Alternatives

These were both too dark – and there’s not really much between them (except the shortest exposure is actually in focus)!  These were shot at f/5 and f/4.5.

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