TAOP: Part 3 ? Colour: Exercise ? Primary and secondary colours ? Green

This is my fourth post for the colour library exercise on primary and secondary colours – and is the first of the secondaries.  A bit more background is in the first post – Primary and secondary colours – Red.


I really don’t have to go far to get something that’s green.  I’m living in the MiddleOfNowhere(TM), surrounding by green fields, including some garden areas with ever-greens.  That said, there are a wide variety of greens, so getting something that’s a reasonable match for a ‘pure’ green isn’t as simple as it appears on the surface.

Closest Match

The ‘correct’ green isn’t uniform across the image – there are a lot of different greens due to shadows and how the sunlight lit the leaves.  I think the closest green to the colour feel is around the water droplets on the closest leaf.  Shot on ISO 100, 1/60s, f/8.

The Alternatives

Over-exposed (f/6.3) and under-exposed (f/10) don’t really produce good matches – though I don’t think the under-exposed image is that far away.  The over-exposed image produces more ‘lime greens’ I think.

Next I’ll post the second of the secondaries orange, and that’ll go up either tomorrow or Monday.

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