Bees in the garden

This evening I decided to try and get some bee shots.  I took some pictures of bees a couple of weeks ago and – while not too bad – I wasn’t overly happy with them.  So, to try again…

Initially I was shooting at the back of the house and I figured sunlight would be sufficient, but on reviewing the shots I felt they were blurred and figured I could do better.  One problem with bees is they move – quite fast – and, well, I’m a bit nervous of getting too close and pissing them off.

Solution: well, I don’t have a macro that can get very close, so I’ve had to settle for some cropping of images and to deal with the speed of them I used my flash.  For the first few shots I was shooting with an aperture of f/8 – they were a bit of a mess because of all of the foliage.  I changed to f/4 and they were much improved.

And here they are:


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