Exercise: Balance

In this exercise I?ve selected six photographs from my archives.  The objective was to identify how the balance works in each image – that is, what tones, colours or arrangements within the image are the main elements, and how do they balance within the image.

On each image I?ve identified the main elements which I believe represent the balance, and I?ve illustrated the balance using a ?weighing scale?  – as the exercise requires.

Below are the images and the scales, along with an explanation of what the main elements are.

In this image the towers are two very obvious elements which balance each other – the image is almost symmetrical.

This image was a little more complex, but the blurred lights in the background and the light of the ?little red man? are still very obviously the main elements in the image, and arranged at near-opposite points within the frame.


It was more difficult to identify the balancing elements within this image, but I believe rather than being particular details within this image, the main elements are the shadowed areas – including the silhouette of the walker at the edge of the frame.

Another simple one – there is a symmetry from the scrabble pieces coming from the central scrabble piece.

And again, there is a near-symmetry to this image.

In this image the balance was again more complex, but the lines of the lights and the fences stand out as the main elements.

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