My 2011 365 Project Review

So, 2011 is over, and so is my 365 photography project – “a photo a day” for a full year.  Having attempted to do a 365 project twice previously I am extremely pleased to have completed this one “third time’s the charm”.

Below is a slideshow of my 365 project posted on Flickr:

So, what have I learnt from this project?

Well, firstly that it is incredibly difficult to think of ideas every day of the year.  From the outset I said I’d allow myself to include pictures not taken on the day from time-to-time, and I did resort to this a number of times.  That said the vast majority of the 365 were taken on the day itself – and they weren’t always just of beer when I was in the pub or drinking at home (despite what some people might say!).

I think, in my case, the project has suffered due to a lack of time and also – at times – focus.  So it’s ended up a case of quantity over quality; of finding whatever’s around just to have a shot for the sake of ‘completion’.  Sometimes it’s felt more of a chore, so I am glad to be finished with it.

It’s not all bad though.  It has definitely helped me keep focussed on my photography and – when I’ve had a specific idea or theme in mind – has resulted in pictures I am extremely proud of.  It’s producing work that I can be proud of which will be my focus in the future.

I had considered picking a ‘favourite’ out from my project, but I find it impossible to do – each time I look through a different picture stands out as what I think is ‘the best’.  It very much depends on my mood at the time.

This year, rather than using a 365 project to focus myself, I will be concentrating on what I’m learning through my ‘The Art of Photography’ course with the Open College of the Arts – putting it in to practice .  I intend to look at other photographer’s work more for inspiration and to help understand more about photography.  And, finally, I will be establishing a ’52 project’ – one photograph a week – throughout the year to give me something outside of my studies.

That isn’t to say all my work will be for the 52 project or for my course – I’ll still take photos as-and-when the will takes me.  This is something I do for the joy of it, after all. 🙂

I hope those who’ve followed my 365 project have enjoyed seeing what I’ve produced, and will continue to follow my future endeavours.

With that, I’ll finish this post by wishing everybody a great 2012 (and onward).  Happy New Year! 🙂

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