Isle of Man TT Trip – 2012

So, I’m on holiday!  Hurrah!  I’m off to the Isle of Man for TT week and to visit my brother and family.  I’ve not been in a few years as I’ve not had much time in the way of holiday due to Australia and friends’ weddings in the last couple of years, so looking forward to going back again.

According to the BBC news site, this year’s seen a big increase in bookings on ferries – highest in a decade excluding the centenary year – so I expect it’s going to be a lively one.  And, unlike last time I went, they should have more entertainment on.

My bag is more-or-less packed now and my camera batteries are all charged.  I expect I’ll post a few pictures here throughout the week – of the TT and just general Isle of Man gubbins.  In the meantime, here are some pics I took back in 2008…

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