52 Weeks ? 2012: Narcissus – Week 2

So, this week’s shot was for the Project Flickr theme “Things on Water”.  My idea was basically inspired by Narcissus, and I thought a reflection in a mirror, made to look a bit like the surface of water, might work.

So, here’s the shot:

Narcissus - Week 2 of 52

I took this with a Bowens Gemini 400 to camera left, pointing at my head.  1/200 second exposure, shot at f/22 for greatest depth of field.  I had set the aperture considerably wider but, as the shot below shows, this meant the water on the surface was extremely blurred.  I added the flash after changing to f/22 – to ensure there was sufficient light.

I applied some post-processing to the first attempt too – to try and cover for the poor depth-of-field and get a ‘watery’ look, but it just wasn’t effective.  I flipped the image to put it the right way around (basically the camera was angled to point at the mirror from the opposite side of the table it was resting on to me.

I’m not convinced the final image really works in the way I intended it to – the water looks like it’s sitting on a surface.  I’m happy with the light and depth of field, but I don’t think it really looks like a reflection in water.  I’m thinking I’ll revisit this in the future – with water completely covering the surface of the mirror.  Perhaps something like a small fan could add a very small ripple to the surface of the water to show it isn’t a static object in the image…

Lack of DoF

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