New car

Well, on Thursday I put a deposit down on a 2007 red, Diesel, Octavia vRS and today I picked it up, on my way back from London. It was up for sale at the dealers for £12,995 – with just 3,500 miles on the clock for a 57 plate. It’s got a few non-standard (at the time) upgrades; including 18″ alloys and cruise control. I put an offer of £12k in which they upped to £12,150. I don’t know what happened but they then went with £11,150 – so I’ve ended up paying £1k less than I expected. I’m not complaining.

I’m already loving driving it. The road from the motorway is a 40 road with a few roundabouts. When I came off the motorway I was behind a lorry, which I quickly passed. As for the roundabouts themselves; in the Polo I had to slow because it rolled so much – in the Octavia I don’t at all; it’s rather nice knowing it’ll go where I tell it to. Reviews online said the 18″ alloys that came with it – rather than 17″ – made the ride a little rough; I don’t find that at all (and that’s on the crappy roads in Rochdale!).

The traction control works too. Ahem.

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