Losings and Learnings

‘m on the tired side, but figured I’d finish the day with a bit of a post.


Yesterday, as mentioned in my last post, it was bowling with work followed by watching Liverpool hammer Real Madrid, followed by the weekly pub quiz. It was one win, sandwiched between a pretty sizable amount of losing. Bowling I did ‘ok’ in the first game – getting 99. The second game I somehow managed to be worse – getting just 55. I’m blaming wanting to get out to watch the football, and the injuries inflicted upon me on Monday night by Carl and Mr Sweet – both of whom were on opposing teams. That said, my bowling is pretty horrific normally so I can’t really set myself up as a ‘key threat’ for anybody to target.

The quiz, well – we were worse than ever; getting just 12 out of 25. The only positive out of yesterday was Liverpool getting four past Real Madrid, to win 5-0 on aggregate. Fingers crossed for a good performance against Man Utd on Saturday.


This evening I’ve done very little at all, apart from playing with my camera. I’ve picked up a couple of photography books, and one prompted me to look around the menu options on my camera, where I found a few things burried that I didn’t know about. Some self-explanatory, some not – so I’ll be reading up on what they do so I can learn how they can help me. Of course, had I read the manual, I’d have known about these already. But what’s the fun in that?

I’ve taken some self-portrait shots but I’m shattered today so my heart really wasn’t in it, plus the batteries in the flash are low so time between shots was quite long whilst the flash recharged; lack of patience plus too much waiting = too much effort for me to bother. This post done, I’m going to do some reading and then get an early night.

Tomorrow I’m once more playing footy after work, hopefully ankle and leg won’t be too bad by then.

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