Jesse’s diets – and the bike mission update…

This week – I have been mostly not eating subway…

In my bid to get fitter I’ve been charting what I’ve been eating using an app on my iPhone (DailyBurn) and found that while I tend to take in enough calories, I get very little protein in my diet and an awful lot of carbs.  A big part of that is how much subway I have along with meals that tend to be carb-heavy.  Having tracked my eating for a week, I’ve investigated meals I can have instead that have more protein or less carbs.  For lunch I’ve planned a few meals as follows:

  • Assorted fruit and low fat greek yoghurt (which I had today – filling and nomulicious).
  • Carrot sticks and humous (tomorrows meal).
  • Tuna on wholemeal pitta breads (Friday).
  • Egg mayonnaise on pitta.

I think I need a fifth, as I’m thinking I could probably have a set of five for weekdays which makes it easy to plan without having to think too much about it and end up forgetting to get stuff (and resorting to canteen crap, or subway).  I’ve also discovered that the meals are generally between one and two pounds cheaper than subway.

This evening I also had something I’ve not had in a while – salmon and cheddar wrapped in proscuitto.

Om nom nom!

I put a drop of olive oil on aluminium foil, proscuitto down – salmon, then a touch of chilli powder, paprika, salt, and pepper and then the cheddar.  I wrapped the proscuitto around it and then made  a foil parcel – baking it for 20 minutes and served it with corn on the cob.   It was nomulicious.  Don’t know why I haven’t done it in a while!  I bought a few salmon fillets which are in the freezer, so something I’ll do again.  Might try a few other things to.

The bike mission – update…

A week on from my first post I’ve cycled to and from work every day since I’ve had the bike; including Friday where it felt more like swimming to work – I was soaked to the bone when I got home!  I’ve been sub-10 minutes this week and this morning I reached sub 9 minutes; getting in to work in 8 minutes 46 seconds; around 3 minutes faster than my first ride.  Good progress so far, here it is on Endomondo: this morning’s ride.

Tonight I’m off swimming – the first time since before my skiing injury.

  • PhotoPhLong

    Or not, it seems. Swimming baths were closed, pending new ones opening on July 1. Next week, then!

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