I spotted this on my travels today, so figured I’d post the trailer here.  For those familiar with the “Watchmen” graphic novel, you’ll know of the ‘story within the story’ – the gruesome “Tales of the Black Freighter”.  Rather than including it in the film it seems WB have opted to release it as an animated film.   The trailer for this is below:

It’s available from pre-order from Amazon:

I’m eagerly anticipating March 6.  I went over to the official Watchmen website too and spotted they now have character profiles with video and voice over.  Rorschack seems to have had his original dialogue restored to match the graphic novel.  The first trailer had him saying ‘The world will look up and shout “Save us.”  and I’ll whisper “No.”‘  The profile is now correct, with a voice over using the original ‘All the whores and politicians will look up…’  which is a far more accurate portrayal of a thoroughly nasty character (which, for the uninitiated expecting a run-of-the-mill superhero story, is all you’ll get in Watchmen).