This page will collect my posts for “Photography 1: Identity and Place”; the third module on my Open College of the Arts Photography degree.


Part 1: Origins of photographic portraiture

Project 1: Historic photographic portraiture

Project 2: Typologies

Project 3: Portraiture and the archive

Assignment 1: The non familiar

Part 2: Street and studio

Project 1: The unaware

Project 2: Aware

Assignment 2: Vice versa

Part 3: Mirrors and windows

Project 1: Mirrors

Project 2: Windows: memory and the gaze

Assignment 3

Part 4: Image and text

Project 1: Captions and titles

Project 2: Memories and speech

Project 3: Fictional texts

Assignment 4: Image and text

Part 5: Removing the figure

Project 1: Absence and signs of life

Project 2: Places and space

Assignment 5

Posts on other related activities