This page will collect my posts for “Photography 1: Digital Photographic Practice”; the second module of my Open College of the Arts Photography degree.


Part 1: Workflow

Project: A sequence of actions

Project: Histograms

Project: Editing

Assignment 1: Workflow

Part 2: Digital Image Qualities

Project: Linear capture

Assignment 2: Seeing like your camera

Part 3: Processing the Image

Project: Raw

Project: Optimising tone and colour

Project: Creative Interpretation

Project: Black and white

Assignment 3: Monochrome – “Ill Communication”

Part 4 – Reality and Intervention

Project: Digital photography and ‘truth’

Assignment 4: Real or fake? – “Spares”

PART 5 – The Final Image

PROJECT: Finishing

ASSIGNMENT 5: Personal Project – Recycled?

Posts on other related activities

Developing my Skills