This page provides a series of quick-links to all of my posts for the Open College of the Arts course ‘The Art of Photography’ I’m studying.


Part 1: The frame

Part 1 – Assignment 1: Contrasts

Part 2: Elements of design

Part 2 – Assignment 2: Elements of design

Part 3: Colour

Exercise: Primary and secondary colours

Part 3 – Assignment 3: Colour

Colour Harmony through Complimentary Colours

Colour Harmony through Similar Colours

Colour Contrast

Colour Accent

Part 4 – Light

Project: The Intensity of Light

Project: The Colour of Light

Project: The Time of Day

Project: Available Light

Project: Photographic Lighting

Part 4 – Assignment 4: Light





Other shots

Part 5 – Narrative and Illustration

Project: Narrative

Project: Illustration

Part 5 – Assignment: Applying the techniques of narrative and illustration

Creating the Images