DPP: Part 4 ? Reality and intervention: Exercise 21 ? Enhancement

This exercise involves a couple of changes to an image.  One change is the same as in the previous exercise – adjusting brightness and contrast on a portrait.  The other is adjusting the iris of both eyes.

Here’s the original image:

Original self-portrait

Original self-portrait

And here it is with the first adjustment – altered to increase brightness and contrast:

Lighter and more contrast

Lighter and more contrast

The next step was to alter the eyes.  I selected each of the eyes as one selection and then applied adjustments.  This is a close-up of the eyes before any adjustment was made, for comparison purposes:

Eyes close-up - no change

Eyes close-up – no change

The first change was to increase the brightness and contrast.  I don’t see any problems with this kind of adjustment:

Eyes - close-up - lighter

Eyes – close-up – lighter

Next up was increasing the saturation.  I am starting to thing this is into alteration, rather than simple adjustment; though it’s pretty tame and ultimately isn’t really deviating from “real” in any significant or noticeable way:

Eyes - close-up - increased saturation

Eyes – close-up – increased saturation

Finally, I modified the hue on the eyes, and so changed their colour.  This is where it is definitely in the realms of alteration, and is not a legitimate adjustment in the context of a standard portrait meant to represent what is “real”:

Eyes - close-up - hue alteration

Eyes – close-up – hue alteration


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