DPP: Part 3: Assignment 3 – Monochrome: Images – Severed Links

My first image is titled “Severed Links”.  It’s loosely based on Edward Weston’s “Pepper”, while it’s inspired by the idea that posting on to social networks can be somewhat similar to talking in to nothingness.

"Severed Links" - ISO 50, f/16, 1/200s.  Click to see on Flickr

“Severed Links” – ISO 50, f/16, 1/200s. Click to see on Flickr

I chose a wooden chopping board as a backdrop partly because it contrasts with the metal of the can and partly because it appealed to me to shoot a homage to Pepper on a board I use for chopping vegetables on.

As well as paying homage to Weston’s image, my aim here was to use light to capture the shape and form of the can.  I positioned two flash units on either side of the can, shooting through umbrellas to diffuse the light (without umbrellas the reflection area was really quite narrow).   One (the flash to the right of this image) was on higher power to try and match the general lighting in Pepper – where one side is reflecting more light than the other.

Narrow aperture, in the “straight photography” tradition here to maximise depth of field – capturing the subject as authentically as possible.

I adjusted shadow and highlight settings very slightly to avoid clipping – and also reduced exposure by -1.  On reflection, I should have just upped the ISO to 100 – as noise just isn’t an issue in that ISO region – especially shooting short exposure with studio lights!

I also sharpened slightly.

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