DPP: Part 3: Assignment 3 – Monochrome: Planning – Image outlines

This post collects together my image ideas in advance of me shooting them.  As mentioned in my earlier post Photography and the New God, my intention is to do a bit of a commentary on social media, with a humorous/ironic element to it.  I’m drawing from a few influences for the work – based on pioneers in “straight” photography and their contemporaries; though not everything will necessarily relate to previous work – it’s my assignment, after all!   The assignment calls for 5-10 shots; I’m thinking I’ve got 5 or 6 ideas at the moment which could work.  I know from experience though that not all of them will come out how I hope – I also know that once I shoot a few I may have new ideas, but these ideas are my starting point to start actually creating some work.

Image 1:

This will be a “selfie” shot, and I wrote about the idea behind this previously in my initial research post “Blind“.  It’s inspired by Paul Strand’s “Blind Woman”.   I caught the end of the winter game opening on Friday night, and that put a bit of an idea in my head on what it may look like – their was a segment where they showed some of the athletes “selfies” taken during the opening ceremony and I found the whole concept of showing these as part of the coverage ridiculous.   The BBC presenter described it as the “First selfie Olympics”.   So, I’m thinking a selfie in my skiing gear, together the with “Like” sign around my neck.  I’ll shoot it during daylight – so no flash required.

Image 2:

This one’s inspired by Twitter – that sense of posting into nothingness.  A tin can, with a piece of string hanging off it – but not connected to anything.  I think it’s an opportunity to illustrate texture in monochrome from the metal and ridges in the can, and my initial thoughts are hovering around a look reminiscent of Edward Weston’s “Pepper” – albeit colder.  I could also try this in both high and low key.  The shape, texture and reflectiveness make it a fairly flexible subject – so I think it’s worth trying a few things with this one.

Image 3:

I’m pretty sure this’ll be a familiar sight to many – friends in a social setting (pub) all looking at smartphones.  I want this to be kind of reminiscent of Graham Smith’s candid documentary shots in pubs and bars.  I wonder if I’ll need to get people to pose for this, or just taking my camera with me next time I go to the pub with friends would be just as quick!

Image 4:

Instagram-styled still-life.  Thinking Starbucks coffee, iPad and a muffin on a table next to a window on to the City street.  Starbucks at Piccadilly Gardens is probably a reasonable location – though it can be mad busy at weekends which could make this a struggle.   There are some Northern Quarter cafés that might work – or could actually be better locations.  I may ask around for ideas on where the most pretentious café in the NQ is.

Image 5:

Retweet.  I’m thinking a printed-out tweet, and then using my iPhone in remote-mode for the camera, placed in-front of the lens, so it creates a recursive image.  I’ll no-doubt need to experiment with this.  I’m not wholly convinced it’ll work in monochrome.

Image 6:

A low-key, poe-faced fox in the style of Ansel Adam’s “Tony Lujan of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, 1930” in a take on Ylyvis’ “The Fox” (What does the fox say?).

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