DPP: Part 3: Assignment 3 ? Monochrome Images ? Self-documentary

The sixth image is my ?selfie? take on Paul Strand?s ?Blind Woman, New York? from 1916.  Titled ?Self-documentary?.

Self Documentary.  ISO 5000, f/8, 1/800s.  Click to see on Flickr.

Self Documentary. ISO 5000, f/8, 1/800s. Click to see on Flickr.

I went along to a nearby lock to get this as I figured the brickwork was the closest thing I could get to the background of Paul Strand?s image.  I took several shots, some looking at camera, some like this and selected this as I preferred it when it was somewhere between a posed selfie and looking almost unaware; echoing the blind woman to some extent.

The ISO was 6400 as it was dark, but I expect I knocked the wheel while the camera was facing away from me and didn?t notice as it was on aperture priority so looked fine.  Not problem ultimately, but something I need to watch for.  On my old Canon it wasn?t that easy to change ISO – whereas the Sony has dials for everything which can lead to mistakes like this!

In terms of processing; I reduced exposure as I had set it to +1EV which was a mistake.  I also lowered the blue slider so the Facebook logo was darker, as it didn?t contrast well by default.  After doing that I needed to lighten the shadows and blacks to stop it clipping.  Finally I adjusted sharpness.

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