DPP: Part 3: Assignment 3 ? Monochrome Images ? Read no Tweets

The third image in my set is titled ?Read no Tweets?.  This idea was spawned from my idea to do a Ylyvis ?Fox? based on Ansel Adam?s image ?Tony Lujan of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico? 1930.  I had the idea of ?Read no Tweets? and ?Post no Tweets? based on the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil; I have another idea related to that which isn?t appropriate to this assignment, but I think because that?s lurking somewhere in my mind it made me think of doing something else for this assignment fitting in to the social media thing.  

Read no Tweets - ISO 320, f/22, 1/200s.  Click to see on Flickr.

Read no Tweets – ISO 320, f/22, 1/200s. Click to see on Flickr.

I shot this with a studio flash to camera-left, diffused through an umbrella.  The narrow aperture was to maximise depth-of-field, which is a characteristic of the ?strait? photography style much of my images for this assignment are based on.  I was originally using the remote trigger app for my camera to shoot this, but discovered it only shoots in JPEG when initiated by the iPhone – and that led to a lot of noise in the dark areas of the image, so I reverted to a self-timer.

I was aiming for a high contrast between face and background which I achieved, with some adjustments but I did need to lighten the blacks in Lightroom afterward adjusting contrast and slightly increasing the ?exposure? slider.  

I also had to increase the lightness of the red tones; I found it wasn?t very obvious it was a parrot/bird when it was darker – so adjusting the red tone brought out the shape more.  While in colour it would have been obvious it was a parrot, having the ability to adjust the tone of a ?colour? in black and white was an effective way to restore ?meaning? in the image.

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