DPP: Part 3: Assignment 3 – Monochrome Images – Retweet

My second image is titled “Retweet”.  It’s one that isn’t really inspired by any other image.  I wanted to do something different, using the technology available in my camera and iPhone which allows remote shooting.  Playing on the retweet theme – the sharing of somebody elses twitter posts – I’ve used the remote shooting app to create a recursive image, by including the iPhone in the shot.

"Retweet" - ISO 800, f/18, 1/5s.  Click to see large on Flickr.

“Retweet” – ISO 800, f/18, 1/5s. Click to see large on Flickr.

I was worried about how this would turn out in black and white, but I’m actually really happy with it.  The sharpness of the text and the contrast has worked really well – I feel.

I used a narrow aperture to get the best depth-of-field possible, so the text is readable on the iPhone as well as the iPad.  I’ve made adjustments to boost the contrast and I’ve sharpened the image.  I also reduced highlights as the bottom-left corner was clipping due to the reflection on the corner of the iPhone.  There’s no real detail there anyway, however as it’s a flat surface.

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