DPP: Part 2 ? Digital Image Qualities: Assignment 2 ? Seeing like your camera: Reflection

This assignment has been a challenge for me from a motivational standpoint; the highly prescriptive nature of the scenes required meant I felt very restricted and depending on particular weather conditions which – when I started this assignment – were not available for a considerable time meant I lost momentum generally.  This assignment I can definitely say has been the least fun I’ve had with photography and on this course (including TAoP) overall; I think the quality of my work reflects this.  I’ve ended up just settling for images that satisfy the criteria through a desire to just get it done and move on, otherwise I may have just stopped.

So, on to the reflection on the skills being looked at…

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

  • I’ve composed shots to handle the different scene types, so high contrast doesn’t result in poor overall images.  Overall I have selected appropriate scenes, although the scarves example I worked against the brief – hence then switching part 2 around to show what it would have looked at if I hadn’t applied a decision to the original that reduced contrast.
  • I’ve made choices on technical setup both in natural light and with artificial light to produce the images and, again, to ensure a reasonable quality of image in the end results.

Quality of Outcome

  • I’m not sure whether my lack of enjoyment of this assignment overall is affecting my objectivity on these images, but I know this definitely isn’t my best work and suspect it’s the poorest I’ve done throughout the modules so far.
  • The image I’m most pleased with is the I “Heart” MCR umbrella image; albeit I shot another version in RAW which I edited to get the result I wanted.  Within this set it’s under-exposed and not being able to do any post-production work on it has resulted in a poor image.
  • Most of the images are suitably exposed and composed.  The high contrast hasn’t resulted in “poor” images overall.

Demonstration of Creativity

  • This is where I’ve been particularly poor on this assignment.  It felt restrictive and ultimately this is obvious in some fairly uninteresting images.


  • When I started this assignment I did considerable research in to the subject, looking at examples of media and images, and brainstorming image ideas.  This is well documented in my learning log.  As the assignment has gone one some of the original ideas have been abandoned due to what kind of scenes were available and a desire to get it done, but a lot of the basic concepts have been included throughout the final images.


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