DPP: Part 1 ? Workflow: Assignment 1 ? Workflow: Tutor’s feedback

This post summarises my tutor’s feedback on the first assignment of this module, as a refernce point for me in the future.

General Learnings

  • “A good start to the course and your past experience with digital technologies has helped you here.”  He added I’ve clearly gone some way to develop understanding [of professional workflow, and the nature of the digital image] so can progress with confidence.
  • He advised my workflow is highlight competent and I’ve adapted it based on the course and my own post-mortem.  I definitely agree on that as my process has evolved through this section of the course and the assignment.
  • It was highlighted that I should engage in some pre-shoot research and demonstrate this – e.g. looking at advertising journals, given the context of what I chose to do, and devising a brief which would give context to my editing of the images.
  • In the images themselves there were some focusing and depth-of-field issues – a tripod would be best used, along with manual focus to give me more control of this.  He suggested I view magazines to see what elements are in focus, and why.
  • Light should be used to bring out the form of objects.  Also removing the sugary coating on the jelly babies would have helped to avoid the jelly babies appearing as shapeless blobs – which is a particular problem in the “new family” image.
  • He said I should try to diversify towards interests wider than just photography and photography networks, to embrace wider creative influences.  I’m not sure whether that’s something related to what my blog covers (it is focused almost entirely on photography – so might imply that’s my only interest), or just what I’ve looked at within the assignment.  In any case, it has made me think on how I may incorporate my other interests in to the images I produce – linked to the idea of including “myself” in images.  Certainly the last assignment on Art of Photography represented part of my musical taste.  Hmm, how to get comic books or sci-fi in to an assignment…
  • Bring in some empirical research in to the Log and comment on how I’ve reflected on or made use of the experience.

Assignment Feedback

  • The Macbook Pro “back up” was questioned as it’s the most likely thing to be stolen or mislaid. I suppose that may be the case, but the likelihood of that happened at the same time something happened to my backup drives is exceedingly low.  I do think I may opt for the drop-box option at some point though.
  • He advised that I shouldn’t bother deleting images on the camera as it takes up time – it’d be quicker to do after the shoot in Lightroom.  I may also end up losing shooting opportunities too due to looking at the screen.
  • I should try and limit shoots to 50 shots – this would mean thinking in a different way, but make editing simpler compared to my batches of 200 shots in some cases.
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