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As mentioned in my introduction post, here, my idea for this assignment is to shoot a series of images showing the “birth” of a jelly baby.  This post is a quick summary of my shot ideas.

I’m intending the shoot to be high-key, product-photography-esque, as I think this will give a good result with the bright colours of the sweets I’ll be using standing out.

So, here are the image ideas:

  • Awaiting “birth”; a circle of jelly babies around a cream egg, waiting for it to hatch.  I may try this from above, and from the side and slightly raised.
  • Hatching; a close-up of the cream egg beginning to crack.  Probably more egg in frame than background.
  • In yolk; the yolk of the cream egg, with the mini jelly-baby in it. At an angle, with part of the head of the mini-jelly baby sticking out.
  • Freeing the baby; the “parents” of the mini jelly-baby removing the new-born from the yolk.
  • The family; the mini-jelly baby and parents together.  Kind of like a family portrait, or jelly-baby version of the family unit stickers you get on cars.
  • In school; the mini-jelly baby, and class-mates, at school with teacher and chalkboard.  I expect I’ll need to use a bit of a perspective trick with the chalkboard.  I’ve got a mini chalkboard on the way from ebay, but it’s still going to be a bit large compared to even full-size jelly babies.  I’ll see though – it may work without that.
  • Grown up; the mini-jelly baby fully grown and leaving it’s parents.  Basically the parents together with the grown-up jelly baby in the distance, or vice-versa.

I was originally thinking 6 shots, but I think it works better as seven – else there’s a big gap and acceleration between awaiting birth and grown up.  I’m thinking glue might be necessary for standing the jelly babies up – as I don’t think they’ll lend themselves to standing up on their own!

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