DPP: Part 1 ? Workflow: Assignment 1 – Workflow: Introduction

The first assignment on the digital photographic practice course requires me to divise a themed assignment on a topic that interests me in a field of photography in which I feel comfortable.  I’m opting for still-life, as it tends to be my “go to” option – and I had an idea I wanted to explore, so it’s a good opportunity to do so.

I’m aiming to produce a sequence of images on the birth/hatching of a jelly baby… baby.  In part the idea comes from seeing the images of Lars Clausen – and similar – albeit I’m not being as ambitious as his work!  I can’t recall how I had my original idea, though, unfortunately.

My expectation is the workflow will be fairly straight-forward, but with a difference-or-two from the first two exercises due to it being a different type of assignment.  Mainly I expect to shoot several images for a particular setup for the sequence and review the results in Lightroom and reshoot if I”m not happy or have a different idea for the shot.  After that I’d move on to the next image setup for the sequence.  I think this is appropriate as re-setting up a shot having moved on would be quite time consuming – versus tweaking after reviewing the shots on my laptop.  Setting up a shot again being time consuming might better be read as “I’d be too lazy to do it at all.”  It’s the kind of thing that would annoy me – given I’d have already had it set up previously!

The Workflow

This is the workflow I’m aiming to work to:

1. Shoot.
2. Review in-camera and revise.
3. Import in to Lightroom, adding basic keywords on import.
4. Add to a collection set.
5. Perform technical edit.
6. Add shots with promise to a quick collection.
7. Decide whether to reshoot, or proceed on to the next shot.  Start both at step 1.
8. Add quick collection shots to a new collection (selects).
9. Once the full sequence is done perform basic processing.
10. Flag preferred shots (first selects).
11. Complete processing on the first selects.
12. Choose the final shots for assignment submission.
13. Backup images to external drive.
14. Delete all but the Selects.

I expect others might sometimes have a workflow where they go back to shooting a particular part of the sequence after reviewing the whole sequence, but I’m thinking I’m likely to have a clear idea of what I want the end result to look like before I start – so hopefully revising each shot of the sequence as I go along will result in a complete set of shots I”m happy with at the end.

The next step

I’ve got some props (mini and normal jelly babies) on order, which should arrive in a day or so.  In the meantime, I need to develop my shot ideas more – and I’ll be producing a “planning” learning log posts in future to summarise my ideas.

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