DPP: Part 1 – Workflow: Exercise 1 – Your own workflow 1 – Planning

The aim of this exercise is to devise and use a photographic workflow for a portrait session, consisting of at least 20 images, that suits me.  The session needs to be limited in time and at a location that provides an attractive or unobtrusive setting.

I have, over time, developed a rough workflow which I apply when I’m out shooting events and at the fortnightly photowalk I attend.  This goes along the following lines:

1. Shoot.
2. Review in-camera, revise shot (angle, lens, pose etc.) if needed.  Delete if there are obvious problems with the image.
3. Import images in to Lightroom.  Format card in camera.
4. Delete any remaining images with clear technical problems (sometimes!).
5. Add images with ‘promise’ to the Lightroom “Quick Collection”.
6. Create a Collection Set of the images that were added to the Quick Collection
7. Perform processing and remove duplicates, or images that I conclude don’t “make the grade” from the collection.
8. Name, keyword and caption images if I’m publishing them to image sharing site(s).
9. Publish/Export to site/file if needed/desired.

Overall I expect this workflow to be suitable for this exercise for steps 1 through to 6.  At step 7 images tend to end up untagged and unsorted in my Lightroom library; I’m thinking I should create a sub-collection of my preferred images, so they all remain categorised.  This should follow a provisional edit, with my preferred images receiving additional attention later.  I can then archive these images in case I want to review them again for some reason e.g. a different use than I had in mind on the original shoot.

I also need to include the backup process (and removal of discarded shots from my main Lightroom library) in the workflow; as it ends up a mess and huge task when I eventually get around to it!  I therefore want to make step 7 onward look similar to this:

7. Perform initial processing and flag preferred shots.
8. Create a new collection of preferred shots.
9. Complete editing on preferred shots.
10. Caption and keyword the preferred shots.
11. Publish/Export if needed/desired.
12. Backup Lightroom catalogue information and files to external drive.
13. Delete all but the preferred shots from the Lightroom library.

So, all that remains now is to try it out, and write-up the results.

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